Digital television equipment
Multi - Format Digital Video Switcher RING 22
RING 22 – is first in a new line of professional video switcher.
Video Link HD, Videolink HD5G/LD
On-camera system for signal transmission Video Link HD, Videolink HD5G/LD.
Key Features Video Link HD :
Modulation: DVB-T 2K: QPSK, 16-QAM
Data Rate: from 5 to 12 Mb/s
RF output frequency 8 preset channels: 762-818 MHz
16 preset channels: 2100-2700 MHz
Channel bandwidth: 8 MHz
RF Power: 100 mW
Inputs: SD-SDI
Power Consumption 10-16 V: (<9W)
Dimensions: 190x104x45
Weight: 1,05 Kg
Mounting On camera instead of battery.
Fast start-up time 10 seс
Video Link HD

The new generation of VideoLink designed to be used
as with HD, and SD video cameras to conduct direct operational reports from the scene such as: news, sports competitions,     rallies, concerts, etc. A distinctive feature is the use of new encoder MPEG4/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) This allows you to transfer HD and SD signals. When you send a SD signal, may transmit volume information 1.5 times larger than the transmission MPEG2, the same quality pictures. But the main thing is the possibility of transferring HD signal format 1920h1080i. Maximum speed to stream up to 12 Mbps. Modulation QPSK and 16-QAM. 
Transmitter control has become more obvious and intuitive.
All information is displayed on the LCD display - the number of
channel, channel frequency, mode of SD or HD, to use SDI input or HMDI. The operator can choose one of 8 or 16 preset channels. Each channel can be set to the desired mode at any frequency.

Videolink HD5G/LD

On-camera system for signal transmission of high definition uncompressed HD-SDI without delay and artifacts. Possibility of application of system is unlimited. This device can be used for  receiving signals from cameras, which shooting films, sport actions, reality shows, concerts, etc.
  • High Quality of wireless transmission of video HD-signal and sound stereo signal.
  • Delay from input of transmitter to output of receiver is less than 1ms.
  • Action radius in open air is 100 meters
  • Frequency range is 5,1…5,8 GHz. It is not require special license.
  • Can include V-mount platform for mounting on camera and under accumulators.
  • Power consumption is 12W.
  • Automatic selection of frequency (4 channels).
  • Full video/audio synchronization.
           Main parameters:
           Frequency range         :        5.1 - 5.9 GHz
           Modulation                    :        OFDM 
           Transmitter power        :       12 dBm
           Type of transmission   :        MIMO
           Delay                              :        < 1 мсек
           Video outs                     :        HD-SDI, HMDI 

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