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Uncompressed audio converter in IP / ASI
Uncompressed audio converter in IP / ASI
Technical specifications

Sampling frequency 48 kHz.
Quarter width 24p.
The input signal level is 0dB.
The output signal level is 0dB.
Limits of adjusting the sound level -12 / 9.5 dB.
The ratio of S / N is 67dB.
SOI 0.025%.
Transmission speed 2.5 mbps
Ethernet Management.
Protocols UDP RTP.
the converter is intended for use as a high-quality option for transmitting an audio signal in an uncompressed form with a small time delay. It can be used for transmission over ASC or Ethernet between studios or to a radio station or for transmission over a radio relay.
A sound analog signal is fed to the converter where it is digitized and without compression in PCM format is converted to ASI or IP stream. On the receiving side the converter receives an ASI or IP stream where an audio signal is extracted from it.
Structurally the product consists of two modules-receiver and transmitter which are housed in the same small-sized enclosures with external power supplies.
To manage the modules the program IPAudioControl.exe is used which allows switching the transmission modes -IP / ASI and adjusting the level of the audio signal.
You can transmit and receive one stereo pair or 2 mono channels.
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