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DSC938 Portable at a price of 3450€. Quantity is limited.

Dear Colleagues,

All equipment presented at this site is designed and produced by DVLab company.
DVLab was set up by a group of highly qualified TV engineers over 15years ago.
Our extensive experience allows us to develop advanced and cost-effective solutions
for Digital TV Networks and Studios.Our multipurpose devices are directed to
television production studios and cable and wireless TV network operators including: 

TV Studio equipment: Multi formats Video Switchers, Camera Control Units and more.
•Digital television equipment: 8ASI DVB-C 4RF Processors, Dual channel Encoder/Transcoders,
 Mini Encoder / Transcoders, 5ASI /DVB-C Remuxes, DVCrypt conditional access and more.

•DVB-T,DVB-S equipment: DVB-C/T/S/S2 8ASI  2RF Processors.

•Optional equipment: 8-channel Wireless/ Wired Intercom Systems, audio and video amplifier-distributors, ASI output board, amplifier distributors ASI and more.