09 August 2020

Кодер M25 PRO

Уважаемые коллеги. Хотим сообщить вам основные уточнения по апгрейду сдвоенного кодера М25 до версии ПРО..
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20 July 2020

New video switcher DSC-958

New video switcher DSC-958 The development of the new DSC-958 video mixer has been completed. The mixer is now undergoing testing and preparation for sale.
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27 June 2020

DejaVu - DVLab Video Replay Systems

DejaVu - DVLab Video Replay Systems. Affordable and easy-to-use solutions, simple interface and convenient functionality do not require special knowledge and skills.
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12 January 2020

"3G/HD/SD-SDI Output Card" - Option

New add-on option for Ring-22 video switcher- "3G/HD/SD-SDI Output Card".
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02 January 2020

New version of the DVB-S / S2 processor.

A new version of the DVB-S / S2 processor has been released - this is the DVB-S / S2+ version. Its difference from the previous one ....
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09 November 2019

DV-Lab Instant Replay

DV-Lab Instant Replay - affordable and easy to use DV-Lab is expanding range of products for budget-minded customers with new Instant Replay System.
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18 May 2019

Playout HDMI_190516 Update

Updated video files and streaming data over the Internet player for TV channels.
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