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Web billing

UMT web billing was developed specifically for the DVCrypt conditional access system (but can be also integrated with any other CAS by request), it includes the following main functions: subscriber cards distribution between each reseller, so exact reseller can work with his own subscribers; useful graphical reports for selected period of time; payment type settings (prepayment — subscription renewal by payment of each subscriber to reseller personally; virtual balance — money is on subscriber’s account and withdrawal of money is going automatically in certain period of time). Synchronization of subscriptions with the DVCrypt server is available at certain points of time (up to 5 times per day) and many other functions are available.
As a result, remote work with the DVCrypt server can be organized with unlimited number of resellers (which increases the subscriber database growing and makes managing scalable!) and the communication can be configurated with any operation system and point on the planet.
Various interface languages are supported with the ability to integrate an additional language by client request.

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Information for cable operators.
We recommend that you pay attention to the guide system

EPG Service is much more than a TV program.
EPG Service is an expanded set of metadata, such as a unique event ID, title, series,
announcements, category, genre, year, actors, ratings, trailers, photos and biographies
and much more, for the most interest of viewers and building a system of high-precision
recommendations. Extended EPG is a tool for managing loyalty and outflow of the audience,
for additional monetization and growth of ARPU. 

EPG Service works with DVCrypt system.