Encoder M25 PRO

03.01.2021 11:32

All important parameters that distinguish this encoder from many competitors
in this price range, which are on the market have remained the same.
This is a low latency coding and the ability to encode a single signal
simultaneously in two broadcast formats 1080i50Hz 576i 50Hz remained unchanged.
At the same time, the conversion of the HD to SD signal is noted by users as very good
at the level of the best signal converters.
Added two essential features that users asked us about
The first is the separation of the control signal and data transmission. Moreover,
data transfer capabilities up to 600 Mbit using Ethernet 1000
and the second function is the ability to transfer data up to 8 IP addresses.
In practice, this is the transfer of data from the studio to 8 consumers.
The quality of sound transmission has also been improved.