"Replay" Option

19.04.2019 16:41

"Replay "- Ring 22 video switcher option.Installing optional module allows replay of the most interesting moments of program output.
Controlling replay is so easy and intuitive that you can use it as a video effect during live talk shows, game broadcasts etc.
Getting the replay ready and on-air requires just two button presses on the switcher’s console and 2 x slow replay is also possible.

Moreover, it’s possible to create a playlist to replay all best moments at the end of the broadcast. During the show you create the
playlist on the PC using accompanying free «Replay Controller» software. Live video is sent to PC via Ethernet connection from the switcher.


Replay module continuously records “Program” video output to the removable SD Card.
Recording duration depends on card capacity (64GB SD Card allows recording over 70 minutes of video).