Results of 2020

08.01.2021 09:17

Dear visitors!

A year that was difficult for most of us is finally over. We still don't know how 2021 will come out but we hope it will not be worse.

COVID-19 pandemic had a greater impact on our life when initially thought. Not everyone in our industry is aware of the changes
it already made and what consequences are ahead.

Trade shows activity has practically ceased and no one knows when it will be restored.

We all understand that life cannot be stopped and sooner or later everything will be restored. But it is also clear that everything will
be different now, perhaps not by much but still different.

Oddly enough, our results in this unusual year were pleasing:

- We have completed a two-year R&D and, most importantly, run tests of an inexpensive 11-input video switcher with 1080p50
processing. A special feature of this switcher is built-in Instant replay function. In our opinion, this feature is useful for all types
of broadcasts and we hope that customers will appreciate it.

- Many people strongly advised us to switch to 4Kp50 development. We started this work and got enough successful results.
However, not everyone understands how expensive it is to design such video switcher. So, after prototyping most of the components
we decided to put this work on hold and continue only after we see strong demand from the customers. Of course, if someone
wants a 4Kp50 video switcher we are ready to discuss that and produce design with functionality different from existing models.

We decided that it would be better to apply our 4K R&D to a bigger (18-20 inputs) video switcher and also implement a video link
system that will transmit several simultaneous video feeds (including replays) from a single 4K camera. We believe that such
system will be more in demand by our customers. We plan to show such video switcher at trade shows this autumn (Amsterdam,
Moscow) if pandemic is over and that trade shows will take place.

Another area in which we have advanced over this challenging year is instant replays. We have two models of our 1080p50 instant
replay system ready and we could possibly design 4Kp50 instant replays if such order comes in.

But that's not all - we designed new, more functional models of our H.264 encoders with 1080p50 support.

DVLab, 2021.