Рrocessor 8ASI / DVB-С HOTEL

05.06.2013 13:06

A special 8ASI DVB-С HOTEL Processor  is currently being developed by
DVLab. Due to its ease of operation and cost effectiveness, the
Processor is very convenient  for organizing / upgrading CATV networks 
in hotels, cottage settlements, youth hostels, nursing houses, etc.

The Processor provides high noise immunity and allows to achieve high
quality HD/SD TV broadcasting. Built-in  full-НD player provides a
possibility to broadcast up to 3 special hotel's programs (information
about the hotel, the services provided, etc). The device is simple in
use and its maintenance doesn't require a high-skilled technician.

Estimated cost of the head-end equipment  for more than 50 program is
USD 2900 (8 ASI DVB-С HOTEL Рrocessor  2pcs)  including a conditional
access system for 100 subscribers that allows to control  delivery of
certain content (adult programs and so on).