DejaVu - DVLab Video Replay Systems

27.06.2020 12:58

In those difficult times DVLab didn’t stop working and now we can announce new products. One is DejaVu - DVLab Video Replay Systems:
DejaVu - DVLab Video Replay Systems


Affordable and easy-to-use solutions that allow you to implement various features of video replays: instant, slow-motion, accelerated. Simple interface and convenient functionality do not require special knowledge and skills.

The replay system can work as a stand-alone unit or can be controlled from a computer. Free “Replay Controller” Windows software is available. “Replay Controller” makes it easy to manage replays, select and edit clips, and compile playlists.

DejaVu product line can be used for:

  •  Live broadcasts.
  • Sport competitions;
  • Sport facilities - for training, as an excellent assistant for coaches and athletes;
  •  Dance schools, ballet studios, etc.;
  •  Various outdoor or indoor shows - with LED display output.

“DejaVu” allows you to record the entire length of the broadcast or event on each channel with the ability to save it on a PC (in fact, a digital video recorder).

                      The DejaVu line includes the following products:

 1. Single channel replay system is an option for the DSC958 video switcher. Recording is done on an SSD drive (1080p50 video mode).

2. "DejaVu" Instant Replay 2RU Unit - 2 channel video replay system (optionally expandable to 4 channels), controlled from the PC with ShuttleXpress multi-media controller.
3. “DejaVu” Instant Replay System  - a standalone 2 channel video replay system (optionally expandable to 4 channels) with built-in control panel and display. Can work without PC.

DejaVu video replay features:

  •  Supports 1080p50 video;
  • 1 Gb Ethernet
  •  Create and delete replay clips;
  • Play / Pause;
  •  Logo overlay on playback;
  •  Slow motion and Fast motion up to 5 times;
  • Fast-forward/rewind when editing a clip for replay;
  •  Frame-by-frame forward/rewind when editing a clip for replay;
  •  Can play a playlist of all saved clips.
  •  Advanced replays management and editing from a PC.
  • SSD media recording.
  • The recording time depends on the capacity of the SSD.
    For example, 512 GB allows you to record about 7 hours of video;
  •  Supports simultaneous recording and playback.