Single Cable Cameras Link (DVL SCCL). Coming soon!

11.03.2019 16:38

The main feature of the DVL SCCL system is the ability to transfer all necessary signals between the hardware room and the video cameras via the Ethernet LAN channels with CAT-5E / CAT-6 cables.
Signals HD video, communication with the operator, camera control, TALLY and camera power is transmitted over a distance of 100 meters over a single twisted pair cable! At the same time, at a distance of up to 100m,
up to 4 cameras can be connected via one cable, and to increase the distance, it is enough to additionally use standard Ethernet switches with POE or repeaters with POE. All this allows you to reduce the cost of building
a studio in cases of existing Fast Ethernet network or arrange cameras on site shooting with a cheap cable in 5 minutes.

DVL SCCL system including:

  • The DVL-SCCL / MU base unit is one unit per system for up to 4 video cameras.
  • DVL-SCCL / CA Studio Camera Adapter.
  • Camera PTZ adapter DVL-SCCL / PCA.
  • ETHERNET POE Switch (standard devices for Ethernet) - 1 piece for camera power and communication between cameras and the Base unit for distances up to 100 meters. For longer distances, additional intermediate switches or repeaters are needed.
  • PTZ Camera Control is a standard PTZ camera remote control. One remote per system.
  • Intercom system, recommended system from company Radiofar.
  • Video Switcher. In principle, there can be any mixer. The RING-22 / DSC-938 mixer is recommended, which has the ability to connect PTZ Camera Control directly to the mixer control panel.
  • Return Channel On-Camera Video Monitors - any monitors supporting 1920X1080 resolution with HDMI input.


System features:

1.Transmission of video signals from video cameras to a video switcher;
2.Transmission of video in the return channel, allowing you to send a video signal, such as Program, Preview or Prompter, fed to the input of the Base unit to the on-camera monitor
3.Two-way intercom system;
4.Tally support;
5.Transfer power to the camera.
6.Transmission of control signals for PTZ cameras and for remote control of camera parameters.
7.The ability to use wireless Bluetooth headsets for operators and director of the air.
8.Transmission up to 100 meters with a CAT-5E / CAT-6 cable.
9.Multiplexing signals from up to 4 cameras to one CAT-5E / CAT-6 cable.

The base unit DVL-SCCL / MU provides the necessary conversions for the distribution of all signals throughout the system.
Camcoder Adapter DVL-SCCL / CA - provides transmission of a signal from the camera to the Base unit and receiving control, communication and power signals from the Base unit via a CAT-5E / CAT-6 cable:

  • The video signal from the camera is supplied to the adapter via HDMI or SDI inputs.
  • The selection of the signal is made automatically. If there is a signal on both inputs, the SDI input has priority.
  • The audio from the SDI input is embedded (the 1st stereo pair from the 1st group), from HDMI the first stereo pair. The audios to follow the videos. It is possible to switch the audio from an external stereo microphone.
The adapter does not require an additional power supply - the supply voltage comes from DVL-SCCL / MU via CAT-5E / CAT-6 cable. The output voltage for the camera and on-camera monitor.
The camera adapter receives a return channel video signal from the Base Unit . Video signal for the return channel can be selected - Program, Preview or any source of the video switcher ;

Built-in tally indicator;
Output for the headset intercom 5;
Connect a wireless headset via Bluetooth.

Adapter PTZ Camera DVL-SCCL / PCA  provides:
- video signal transmission from the PTZ camera to the Base unit and further to the mixer,
- receive control signals from the PTZ camera control panel and feed them to the PTZ camera.
- Built-in tally indicator.

DVL SCCL Camera Channel is the finished solution for your television studio or for work as part of the OB or for shooting of outdoor events - concerts, shows, presentations and etc. 
You don't need a lot of cables and therefore you will not spend money on their purchase.
You will forget about where to get power for the cameras and how many batteries to carry with you.
You will save time on cable unwinding and most likely you will not even wind up their cables (it is cheaper to take the new cable CAT-5E / CAT6 with you to the next event).
Shooting at the stadium, concert, wedding or presentation - easy!