The new DVL818 mixer

31.05.2018 11:33


         HD/SD 18 Inputs Master Control Switcher DVL-818

DVL-818 – is currently the most powerful model of the DVLab equipment line. Traditionally  DVLab video switchers are not focused
at any narrow sector of television production and its main features are reliability,  versatility,  compactness and ease of operation.  
This model has all of that.
The device provides synchronous mixing of video and audio. All of the digital video inputs/outputs have audio de-embedders/embedders.
You can use analog audio inputs and outputs to work with external audio mixer. A separate external sync input allows the switcher
to follow studio sync.
Compact size (2RU) of the main unit allows to connect  large number of inputs and outputs:15 SDI inputs, 3 HMDI inputs, 1 HMDI input for external titles, 10 SDI outputs, 2 HMDI outputs,4 balanced audio inputs, 2 audio outputs, Tally, Ethernet 100, 2 power connectors (1 main
and 1 for backup power), and 1 slot for additional options.

The design of the metal case of the base unit with two large, almost noiseless fans,ensures stable cooling for 24/7 operation.The mixer can be  controlled via standalone Control Panel. If you need remote control it’s possible to connect the Control Panel via Ethernet. The Control Panel is provided in a durable metal case, equipped with professional buttons (with illumination and tactile effect when pressed) and a T-bar manipulator with a digital sensor. It is also possible to control the mixer from computer  -  a free full-functional software is included in the package.


      Main features:
  • Fast start - mixer is ready for use after 4 seconds after power on;
  • Works with video signals of different formats and standards;
  • 2 channels of PiP effects (4 Preset, maximum number of windows - 6);
  • 2 independent Chroma Key channels with automatic tuning;
  • 2 independent channels of Video players from SD card;
  • It is possible to synchronize the HD mixer with PAL;
  • External titles;
  • 3 independent logos. It is possible to overlay up to 3 logos independently
  • over the output signal.  (including 1 dynamic logos) ;
  • Various transitions-CUT, AUTO, MIX, WIPE and STINGER;
  • 24 still pictures store.  Any input can be  set to show still picture;
  • Built-in Multi-view with 4K and 1080i operating modes;
  • Video Replay Option;


Video Inputs
Total 18 inputs:
   15 x HD/SD SDI (BNC), 3 x HMDI(DVI-D)            
1 x HMDI(DVI-D) for Titles
IN2-IN5 can be CVBS (BNC)
Frame synchronizer at each input.
Video Outputs
Total 12 outputs:
10xHD/SD SDI (BNC) and  2 x HMDI (DVI-D);
Each output can be assigned as Program,Preview,
Program Logo Free, “Clean Feed”, AUX, Multi View 
Audio Inputs
4 channel (XLR-Cannon) balanced ;
18 x SDI и 2 HMDI embedded audio;
Audio Outputs
2 channel (XLR-Cannon) balanced;
10 SDI & 2 HMDI  embedded audio
Video Input Formats
HD- 1080p 50/ 25, 1080i 50
SD- 576i, CVBS 576i
Video Output Formats
HD- 1080i 50
SD- 576i
Video Processing
10-bit, 4:2:2 Digital component
Audio Processing
20 and 24 bit



  • Built -in Multi-view 2 x HMDI (DVI-D) outputs (4K or 1080i50 switchable).Allows you to see all video sources as well as                      Program and Preview simultaneously with 1 or 2 video monitors. You can use any inexpensive TV or monitor that supports                      4K or 1080i 50 resolutions.The Multi-view includes audio level indicators of all signals displayed on screen and also auxiliary information about the time and the included video effects.
  •  Transitions  - STINGER, CUT, MIX, WIPE (8 patterns), FTB.The user can prepare and upload the effect he needs to the mixer.
  •  Chroma Key’s 2 independent Chroma Key's channels with original automatic tuning and the ability to switch between them                    and any other sources using any transitions.
  •  PiP’s (Picture-in-Picture) Up to 4 PiP presets can be prepared in advance on a PC. Each PIP preset can contain up to 6 windows on the background. Two windows can have a full-screen size, other 4 windows can be a quarter of the screen size. You can move, resize, crop, and add color frames.
  •  Still Pictures you can upload up to 24 still pictures to the switcher non-volatile memory.
  •  Titles You can use DVLab`s original "Title Master" system (you need only one HDMI cable from the computer), Linear Key (Fill and Key) or Luma Key.
  •  Built – in Videoplayers 2 built-in high quality independent video players VC-3 (DnxHD). Video files are stored on a removable SD Card (Slot on the front of the base unit). Each Player has its own control keys on the Control Panel, including corresponding buttons on the "Program" and "Preview rows.The number and size of video files is limited by the size of the SD card-the approximate size of the video files on the 64 Gb SD card is about 60 minutes.
  •  Logos 2 independent logos (1 logo can be dynamic), which can be turned on directly from the Control panel. Up to 8 logos can be stored in te Switcher non-volatile memory.
  •  Built-in clock - Muliti-view ( HH-MM-SS) and Program (HH-MM) . The clock is synchronized from the computer.
  •  Test signals BLACK and Color BARS with 1KHz, 0dB) audio, can be enabled from the Control panel.
  • "TALLY" output . D-Sub15F connector.
  • PC control “ DVL-818 Switcher Control Panel” allows you to control the base unit from the computer - switching channels, selecting effects, PiP, Chroma, etc.
  •  Control Panel Durable metal case, digital original T-Bar, high-quality and long-lasting buttons.
  • OptionalVideo Replay , Encoder H264, Reserve power supply unit; CCU; Intercom (wire or wireless); Wireless TALLY.
  • Free SW “DVL-818 Switcher Control Panel”, “DVLab SwitcherUtilities”, ”Title Master”,” SDCardManagerHD” and “PlayoutHMDI”.
  • Dimensions and weight Main Unit- 440x 220x 88мм (2U), ~3,6 kg. Control Panel -440x 220x44 мм, ~2.4 kg.