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8ASI DVB-S/S2+ Processor, Ethernet 1000

MSRP $1500

8ASI DVB-S/S2+   Processor, Ethernet 1000
OUTPUT INTERFACE : two DVB-ASI outputs, four RF intput, five 1000M IP output;
Modulation type: QPSK/8PSK;16APSK.
Output RF signal frequency range: 100 - 2400 MHz;
Symbol rate range : 6750-44000 ksym/s(DVB-S2) 16APSK-35000 ksym/s;
Rolloff factor-0.2, 0.25, 0.35;
Output RF signal level: 80-100 dB/uV;
Power: ~220V+\-20%;
Power Consumption: Max 18W ;
Size: 19``, 1U 480*45*180 (mm);
Weight: 3,5 Kg.

Purpose multifunctional device (hereinafter referred to as the Processor) developed taking into account the peculiarities of video signal transmission via radio relay link and broadcasting to a satellite. It can work in two DVB-S and DVB-S2 standards.

 The DVB-S2 standard compared to DVB-S provides an increase in the speed of transmission of useful information by 20-35% which becomes important when transmitting HD channels. Another advantage is that with the same spectrum efficiency it gives a noise margin of 2-2.5 dB which is important when broadcasting from a satellite. Functionality remultiplexer for 8 inputs allowing to form the required digital program package from 8 input digital ASI streams and output this packet on a subcarrier;  two additional remultiplexers with ASI outputs;  5 IP outputs and 4 IP inputs (Ethernet 1000) which can be used to monitor flows from the input and output of the Processor as well as to stream the stream to the local network . 

Optionally scrambling (DVCrypt) for a different number of subscribers and mixing EPG and OTA.\n\n Additionally the processor has the following features Work in one of 2 modulation modes and FEC generation in accordance with the recommendations of DVB-S and DVB-S2.

Selection of the symbol rate from fixed values ​​from 44000 ksymv / s to 6750 ksimv / sec. Adjust the output signal (RF) frequency in the range from 100-2400 MHz. All settings including mode switching are carried out via LAN. (Ethernet 100).The converter provides work with both SD (Standard Definition) and HD (High Definition that is high resolution 1920X1080i in H.264 H.265 standard) channels.\n DVB-S / S2 digital cable TV receivers (SD or HD) are used a

The main features:
  • Select the type of modulation of the output signal QPSK ,8PSK, 16APSK.
  • The choice of symbolic speed from 44000 ksmv / s to 6750 ksmv / sec.
  • Ability to set the frequency of the output signal IF in the range from 100-2400 MHz.
  • Support conditional access system DVCrypt.
  • Option of the electronic program guide (EPG).
  • Setting parameters from a personal computer
  • Communication interface with PC Ethernet 100 T-base. The Ethernet 1000 data.
  • IP output. Supported protocols RTP UDP.
  • Function of disabling staffing by IP output.
  • The ability to remotely update the hardware software.
  • Viewing the parameters on the LCD.
  • The option of coding 1000,3000,10000,100000 subscribers