New DSC958 video switcher overview.

TV industry professionals will have no difficulties with the new....

"Deja Vu" All - in – One


1. Gigabit Ethernet – PC/LAN connection. Required for “DejaVu Replay Controller“ software
and firmware update;
2. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 1 input (CAM1);
3. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 2 input (CAM2);
4. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 3 input (CAM3);
5. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 4 input (CAM4);
6. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 1 bypass output;
7 BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 1 replay output (REP1);
8. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 2 bypass output;
9. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 2 replay output (REP2);
10. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 3 replay output (REP3);
11.BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 3 bypass output;
12. BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 4 replay output (REP4);
13.BNC 3G-SDI – Channel 4 bypass output;
14. Power switch;
15. 12V/5A DC power supply main connector;
16. 12V/5A DC power supply backup connector (you can connect two separate PSUs
simultaneously for redundancy).

. Features 
“DejaVu“ Instant Replay System is a simple and cost effective way to add multi-channel replay 
functionality to your production.  
Easy to install and easy to use, “DejaVu” Instant Replay System offers: 

  • Uninterrupted recording. Recording never stops, even In Edit or Replay modes; 
  • More than 7 hours of recorded 1080p50 video (when using 512G SSD); 
  • Slow motion (50% – 20% of normal speed) and Fast motion (200% – 500% of normal speed) playback; 
  • Playlist mode; 
  • Can be used as a simple multi-channel recorder/player; 

No PC connection is needed to operate or to configure “DejaVu” system. However, for those who 
prefer to operate from PC we offer free “DejaVu Replay Controller“ software that provides more 
flexibility, advanced playlists and multi-view support.  
“DejaVu“ Instant Replay System is well suited for: 

  •  Any live shows; 
  • Sport broadcasts – for instant replays; 
  • Sports clubs – for training, as an excellent assistant for coaches and athletes; 
  • Dance schools and ballet studios; 
  • Outdoor events – for large LED displays;