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DSC 938 HD / SD video switcher

MSRP: $2,950

DSC 938 HD / SD video switcher
Video inputs 10 inputs.
Inputs: In1-In6 In9-In10-SD or HD SDI 7-8 DVI.
Inputs: In3-In6 switchable-can be CVBS
Audio Inputs:
SDI embedded stereo audio or two mono sound channels.
4 analog audio inputs (XLR) which can be configured as 4 mono inputs or 2 stereo inputs.
Outputs Video: Out 1 - Out 4- HD / SD SDI (BNC)
Two chroma key.
The player on the SD card (2 streams format VC3).
4 PIP, 2 slides, 2 logo
Out HDMI1 - multi-screen output. Out HDMI2- output (AUX)
Audio Outputs SDI with embedded audio.
1 analog audio output (XLR) stereo.
Frame synchronizers for all inputs.

* The switcher is also available in the mobile version for pre-order.

The DSC-938 Digital Video Switcher is a powerful but easy to use and cost-effective solution that serves your production needs. Thanks to its convenient construction, the DSC-938 is suitable for portable or mobile applications.
The DSC-938’s rich functional capabilities allow using it for live broadcast, show, presentation, interviewing as well as for production in studios.              
Great attention was given to the visibility and intuitive control of the device.


Video inputs: - 8 х HD/SD SDI*, 8 BNC connectors;
                        - 2
х HDMI*, 2 DVI-D connectors;

Frame synchronizers on each input.

Video outputs: - 4 х HD/SD SDI* 4 BNC connectors;
                          - 1
х HDMI* 1 DVI-D connector;
                          - 1 x HMDI (DVI-D) – Multi Viewer.

Any video output can be assigned to Program, Preview, Multi Viewer or any video input.(AUX).
Program output can be “Clean feed” or “Clean feed + CG”.

*All video inputs and outputs support embedded audio.
Analogue audio inputs : - 2 stereo (4 x XLR 3 pin)
Analogue audio outputs: - 1 stereo (2 x XLR 3 pin)

Multiple video standards and formats supported:
Inputs: - HD SDI - 1080p 50;
            - HD SDI - 1080p 25;
            - HD SDI - 1080i 50;
            - SD SDI - 576i50 (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio);
            - CVBS - 576i 50 (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio).

Outputs: - HD SDI - 1080i50;
              - SD SDI - 576i50 (4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio).

Video Processing: 10-bit, 4:2:2 Digital component.
Audio Processing: 20 (for SD) and 24 bit(for HD).

PiP (Picture-in-Picture) - 4 presets, up to 4 PiP windows.
Chroma Key – 2 independent channels with auto tuning.
Video players from SD Card - 2 independent channels available as sources with dedicated control panel buttons.
Titles and CG: - ” Fill and Key” mode – assignable for HD SDI inputs.
                          - “TitleMaster“ mode – single connection to PC HDMI output.
Logo – 2 independent logos for program output.
Clock – for program output and for multi viewer.
Transition effects: CUT, AUTO, T-Bar, MIX, WIPE.
Still pictures (TV station identification, backgrounds, etc.) - 24 still pictures in the non-volatile memory of the switcher and 32 still pictures on the SD card.

Multi Viewer 1080i50 with dedicated DVI-D connector.
TALLY - DB-15 connector.
OSD Menu on multi viewer for quick settings.
Full settings control from PC.
Settings and full switcher control from PC connected via TCP/IP.
Firmware update via LAN.
Base unit dimensions:        440x220x88 mm (2RU), Power supply: 12 V DC , 7A.
Control Panel dimensions: 440x 220x44
мм, ~2.4 kg

Base unit casing is made from metal and is equipped with nearly silent fans.
Control panel is made in metal case; it has professional buttons with LED lighting and digital T-Bar.Control panel can be connected to switcher main unit via RS-232 cable or LAN.