Playout HDMI_190516 Update

Updated video files and streaming data over the Internet player for TV channels.

DSC 938 HD / SD video switcher

MSRP: €2,600

DSC 938 HD / SD video switcher
Video inputs 10 inputs.
Inputs: In1-In6 In9-In10-SD or HD SDI 7-8 DVI.
Inputs: In3-In6 switchable-can be CVBS
Audio Inputs:
SDI embedded stereo audio or two mono sound channels.
4 analog audio inputs (XLR) which can be configured as 4 mono inputs or 2 stereo inputs.
Outputs Video: Out 1 - Out 4- HD / SD SDI (BNC)
Two chroma key.
The player on the SD card (2 streams format VC3).
4 PIP, 2 slides, 2 logo
Out HDMI1 - multi-screen output. Out HDMI2- output (AUX)
Audio Outputs SDI with embedded audio.
1 analog audio output (XLR) stereo.
Frame synchronizers for all inputs.

* The switcher is also available in the mobile version for pre-order.


· Each input features its own frame synchronizer, which allows you
to use cameras or other devices that do not feature Genlock as well as input video from computer sources.The audio     input signals also pass through the synchronizers.

· The mixer has 4 analog audio inputs (XLR connectors) which can be configured as 2 stereo inputs or 4 Mono and 2 analog audio outputs (XLR connectors).

· The possibility of adjusting the dynamic range for digital and analog audio.Input and output audio signals can be selected by the user with nominal levels -6, -12, -18, -24 dBFs (from the OSD menu).

· The possibility of mixing sound synchronous with video with a choice the type of sound transition - V or Y.

· The possibility of assigning any input audio channels to any buttons of video sources (for example - one audio channel for 4 switchable video inputs).This mode is useful for working with an external analog audio mixer. The configuration is carried out via the PC.

· Two built-in Video Players with high quality VC-3 on the SD card.

· The possibility of playing video files and video playlists with         “HD Playout” via HMDI inputs of the switcher.

· Built-in background color signal, including "Black" and "Bars",
which are operated as independent sources and have the
buttons on the Preview and Program lines on the control panel.

· Two built-in Still Pictures, which are operated as independent sources and have the buttons on the Preview and Program lines
on the control panel. A total of 32 still pictures can be stored in
the mixer's memory.

· The possibility to include technological still picture on all inputs of the mixer.That is each of the inputs can be switched to the still picture mode (For each input its own still picture).
 · Built-in 1 kHz audio source with level 0, intended for testing and adjustment the level of sound channels. It accompanies the internal source BARS.

· Built in MultiView. The multiview output lets you see all 10 inputs of video, 2 video players and 2 built-in still pictures on a single HDMI TV/monitor or SDI monitor! You can see all of your cameras, tally indicators, graphics, preview and final program output all on the same display at the same time. Also, the Multiview has indications of the input and output analog and embedded SDI signals of the sound levels. Menu (OSD) can be displayed on the Multiview also. You can switch on and operate the menu (OSD) from the control panel.

· The possibility of assigning the Multiview on any outputs of the switcher.

· An additional HDMI output on which can be assigned any sources and Multiview.

· Picture-in-Picture effect (PiP). It is possible to enable the PIP’s preset, which is a combination of up to 4 windows included in the background.It is possible to change the following smaller windows settings: size, crop, edging color, border width, location, sources for smaller windows and for backgrounds).All settings of the PIP’s presets are made and stored in the “Switcher Contol”program from the PC. 4th PIP’s presets are written in the non-volatile memory of the switcher and saved during restarts. 4th presets can be enabled on with the PIP1/PS1-PIP4/PS4 buttons. It is possible to change the sources in the PIP’s windows from the control panel, and quickly turn on or turn off the PIP’s windows either on the Preview or on the Program.

· Two independent Chroma Key’s channels (with original automatic setting).

· It is possible to overlay the PiP’s preset and Titles simultaneously on the video output signal.

· Two independent Logos.1 Logo can be dinamic.Total 8th logos can be uploaded from the PC in the switcher's non-volatile memory and then to assign on independent buttons "Logo 1" and "Logo 2". Each of the logos can be placed
on the screen in an arbitrary place with the “Switcher Contol” program from the PC . Logo's can be changed from a PC and from console of the switcher.

· 1 Clock can be switch on/off with independent button.Clock can be placed on the screen in an arbitrary place with the “Switcher Contol” program from the PC .

· The possibility of assigning signals from any inputs to all outputs of the switcher.

· "TALLY" signals output .

· F/W Upgrade; upload Still pictures; upload Logo and Clock, control panel via Ethernet connection.

· Quick quick configuration are made directly from the control panel and the on-screen displayed menu on the multiscreen. The device configuration and rarely used settings are made from the PC only.
· Transitions: 6th WIPE special effects with reverse mode and Mix. For each effect button, you can independently set the width of the transition border, the border color and the transition speed.

· It is possible to select the speed of the transition, including promptly from the control panel of the switcher.

· It is possible to remote control with “Switcher Contol” program(virtual control panel) from the PC.

· It is possible to choose with DIP-switch method of connection of the main unit and control panel.The 1-st method via RS-232.The 2-nd method via Ethernet connection.

· It is possible to  connect a reserve +12В (9-15В) power supplier.


· Wireless or wired via Ethernet Intercom system for 4 users.
· Wireless "TALLY".
· Encoder H.265/H264.
· 4K Multiview (4 windows).
* The switcher is also available in the mobile version for pre-order.