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ASI output board

MSRP: $75 (ASI) / $100 (ASI+IP)

 ASI output board
Specifications (depending on the modification):
Output interface: ASI – up to 2 (BNC), IP - 1 (RJ45);
Control: Ethernet 100 Mbit/s;
Protocol: RTP/UDP/RTP+;
ASI signal level: 0,8 V+/- 10%;
Power supply: 9-27 V.
ASI output board provides TV Operators with “budget” solution of getting   ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) stream for TV broadcasting.

In case when the budget limitation do not allow to purchase a professional receiver having ASI output, skilled technician can equip a Set-top box (STB) with ASI output board. This solution  is especially reasonable  when it is necessary to receive only one program from each transponder. The STB should have CI (Common Interface) and there should be enough space to mount the board into the STB housing.

There are two modifications of the board:
ASI output  board (up to two duplicate ASI outputs);
ASI + IP output  board (two duplicate ASI outputs + IP output which can be used to transport the stream via IP network  as well as for upgrading and remote monitoring of the module ).