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8ASI DVB-C 4RF Processor, Еthernet 1000

MSRP: $1500

8ASI DVB-C  4RF Processor, Еthernet 1000
INPUT INTERFACE : eight DVB-ASI inputs; four IP input;
OUTPUT INTERFACE : two DVB-ASI outputs, one RF output, five 1000M IP output;
Frequency range: 36-8500 MHz;
Modulation type: QAM; constellation 32/64/128/256;
Output signal bandwidth: less 8 MHz;
Adjustable symbol rate: 1-6.9 Msym/s, 1ksym/s step;
Output RF signal level: 80-100 dB/uV, adjustment -10dB/uV;
IP: RTP, UDP protocol support;
Power: ~220V+\-20%;
Power Consumption: Max 18W;
Size: 19``, 1U 480*45*180 (mm);
Weight: 3,5 Kg.

The 8ASI DVB-C  4RF Processor  is a multifunctional device intended for multichannel digital  TV broadcasting. It provides TS remultiplexing, scrambling, QAM modulating and  Up-converting . The Processor has been designed for use in cable TV network. 

Key features:

The processor remultiplexes up to 8 input Transport Streams and forms a group spectrum of up to 4 packages in the DVB-C format with RF output.

Standard  SD/ HD DVB-C  receivers  and DVB-C TV-sets can be used as subscriber receivers.

IP output can be used  to transport one of the packages via IP network or monitor one of the packages chosen from output or input stream at your PC.

The Processor can be used  with analog cable network equipment when both the analog and digital signals are simulcasted.

Оne Processor allows you to organize a small CATV  network for broadcasting about 30-40 programs including a system for monitoring of channels on your PC. The Processor can replace the four remultiplexers, four scramblers, four DVB-C Modulators and  four UP-converters.

The main features:
  • Software update/upgrade ;
  • DVCrypt CAS support up to 100000 subscribers;
  • Connection to PC: Ethernet (100 Mbit /s), RJ45.
  • Quick replacement of the device in the system without stream rescan.
  • Adjustable symbol rate and level of the output RF signal;
  • DVCrypt CAS support up to 1000 subscribers;
  • LCN support, Network Search;
  • MPEG-2, MPEG-4/AVC, HD / SD and 3D support;
  • Automatic and manual PID insertion;