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4 Ch Instant Replay Unit

MSRP: $2750

4 Ch Instant Replay Unit
4x 3G-SDI video inputs;
Optional: 4x 3G-SDI video inputs (1 channels, 2 channels,3 channels, 4 channels);

4x 3G-SDI video outputs (replay channels 1,2,3,4);
4x 3G-SDI video outputs (bypass channels 1,2,3,4);
2x +12V/7A DC power supply connectors (two separate PSU's can be connected simultaneously for redundancy);

4 Ch Instant Replay Unit.

4 Ch Instant Replay Unit Unit is a simple and cost effective way to add multi-channel replay functionality to your production.

Easy to install and easy to use, “DejaVu” offers:

  • 4 replay channels ;
  • Uninterrupted recording. Recording never stops, even In Edit or Replay modes;
  • More than 7 hours of recorded 1080p50 video (when using 512G SSD);
  • Slow motion (50% – 20% of normal speed) and Fast motion (200% – 500% of normal speed) playback;
  • Advanced playlists;
  • Can be used as a simple multi-channel recorder/player;
4 Ch Instant Replay Unitt housing is industry standard 19" 2RU.
Unit can be installed into 19" mounting rack for better cooling and easier connection management.
Separated 512G SSDs for each replay channel are installed inside the unit.

Free «DejaVu Replay Controller» Windows software is provided for control from the PC.
Simplified user interface and practical functionality means that no special training is needed for operator.
ShuttleXpress multi-media controller is supported and recommended for easier operation.

4 Ch Instant Replay Unit is well suited for:
  • Any live shows;
  • Sport broadcasts – for instant replays;
  • Sports clubs – for training, as an excellent assistant for coaches and athletes;
  • Dance schools and ballet studios;