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Dual channel Encoder/Transcoder model M25

MSRP: $1,900

Dual channel Encoder/Transcoder model M25
Video Input
Analog Input: two Composite, BNC (75Ω)
Level : 1 Vp-p
Digital Input: two SDI, BNC (75Ω)
Digital Input: two HMDI
Level: 800mVp-p
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9
Audio Input
Analog Input: 2 Stereo (4 channels, XLR)
Freq. Range: 20Hz ~ 20KHz
Impedance: 600 Ω/ 20KΩ
Digital Input: Embedded SDI
Sampling Rate: 48 KHz
Video Encoder
Encoding : MPEG-2 HP@HL, MP@HL , MP@ML
MPEG-4 H.264 HP@L4, MP@L3
Encoding Rate: 0,5~15 Mbps
Chroma Format: 4:2:0
Bit Rate Mode: CBR,VBR
Delay 100ms
Audio Encoder
Sampling Rate: 48KHz
MPEG-1 Layer II 64 - 320 Kbps
TS Output
Transport Stream: ASI 2 port
Connector: BNC(75Ω)
TS Bit Rate: 0,5~15 Mbps
Packet Format: 188 Byte
IP TS Output and Ethernet control
Ethernet type: 10/100 Base-T (RJ-45)
Format: UDP/IP, RTP/IP
IP Address Format: Multicast, Unicast
TS Bit rate: 0,5~60 Mbps
TS Packet format: 188 Byte
Power: ~220V+\-20%;
Power Consumption: Max 10W ;
Size: 19``, 1U 480*45*180 (mm);
Weight: 3 Kg

The dual channel Encoder is intended for real time encoding  of CVBS or SD/HD SDI SD/HD HMDI signals into MPEG-2 SD or H.264 SD/HD format.
The dual channel Transcoder is intended for  real-time  transcoding/ transrating of two  SD/HD  program from two Transport  Streams (TS) from  MPEG-2 to H.264 format or  vice versa.
Each channel generates up to two TS. One of the two TS provides high resolution (1920х1080 or less) for high quality broadcasting, the other TS provides low resolution (720x576i  or less) for broadcasting to  mobile devices or Internet. The Encoder/Transcoder  enables multiplexing of the four TS onto any of the two ASI outputs or any of the four IP addresses.
Built-in multiplexer: each output can be configured to carry either a Single Program Transport Stream (SPTS), or a Multi Program Transport  Stream (MPTS).

The most important feature of the Encoder-Transcoder model M25 is the ability to work with a Low Delay signal  of up to 100 ms.

The main features:
  • Transcoding of an SD/HD program
  • High Profile and MAIN Profile.
  • The possibility of transferring 2 audio channels in the first coder.
  • Supports OTA, EPG, DVCrypt CAS 3000/10000/100000 subscribers in transcoder
  • Two SDI / two CVBS/two HDMI inputs.
  • Software switch input signals.
  • Maximum output 15 Mbit\/s per channel.
  • TS Bit Rate: 0,5~15 Mbps.
  • Overlaying titles on the signal.
  • Encoding : MPEG-2 HP@HL, MP@HL , MP@ML MPEG-4 H.264 HP@L4, MP@L3.
  • Selectable MPEG-2 SD or H.264 SD/HD real-time video encoding.
  • User selectable resolution and bit rate.